Capital Therapy Services


Provide Pediatric Evaluation and Treatments For the Following:

Articulation Disorders
Auditory Processing Disorders
Augmentative Communication
Aural Rehabilitation
Cleft Palate
Cognitive-Communication Disorders
Feeding/Swallowing Disorders
Language Acquisition Disorders
Neurogenic Communication Disorders
Oral Motor Disorders
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
Phonological Disorders
Speech/Language Disorders
Velopharyngeal Insufficiency

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Please review the following potential "RED FLAGS" related to communication development:

12 months:
•does not point to objects
•does not use gestures such as waving or shaking head
20 months:
•does not use at least 6 consonant sounds
•does not follow simple directions
15 months:
•has not used first word
•does not respond to "no" or "bye bye"
24 months:
•has a vocabulary of less than 50 words
•has decreased interest in social interactions
18 months:
•does not use at least 6-10 words consistently
•does not hear well or discriminate between sounds
36 months:
•strangers have difficulty understanding what the child is saying
•does not use simple sentences.
By age 4 years:
•Cannot be understood by individuals with whom they do not associate regularly
•Cannot be understood by family and/or caregivers
•Cannot correctly produce t, d, k, g, f
•Cannot be asked to repeat without becoming sensitive
By age 5 years cannot:
•Cannot be understood in all situations by most listeners
•Cannot correctly produce most speech sounds
•Cannot be asked to repeat without exhibiting frustration

Other possible concerns:
•Is a very picky eater (willing to eat only 4 to 5 foods, gags on certain textures)older kid
•Has difficulties with transitions
•Uses repetitive and/or preservatives behaviors
•Shows no interest in communicating
•Drools excessively
•Stutters more consistently and for longer than 6 months

For older children:
•Difficulty with understanding and using language appropriately
•Difficulty with speech sound production
•Limited vocabulary and/or expressive language abilities
•Difficulties with sequencing tasks and/or following more complex directions

If you feel that you child exhibits any of these "red flags" or you have other concerns, we can help! Please give us a call at 614-833-2608 today!

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